On Friday, December 16th, 2022 at approximately 10:30 am, Pastor David Kent stopped by the church in Golden Valley, MN. He was walking down the street that is owned by the church to talk to some tree-trimming workers. The roads were packed down with snow and ice, and he suddenly slipped and broke his neck. He could not move any part of his body and the workers called an ambulance. He was transported to North Memorial Hospital in Robbinsdale, MN. David underwent surgery at about 6:30 pm, where the neurosurgeon removed C3 and C4 and put a rod in his spine. They also screwed C2 into C5 and C6.

Due to this spinal cord injury, he has paralysis in his arms, legs, feet and hands. It will be a long road ahead of rehabilitation, occupational therapy and physical therapy, to determine when/if he will regain feeling and movement in his body. The rehab may be slow and take months, even years. Rehab will also work with the family and David to gain as much independence as possible.

The Inpatient rehab required costs approximately $3,900/day for 90 days ($350,000+), and pre-funding is required. After David completes hospital inpatient rehab, he will need outpatient therapy which will bring much additional medical equipment expenses.

We are asking for medical funding assistance so that David's recovery is not limited by his ability to pre-pay for the services that he will need. The Kent family typically would never ask this type of request from friends, family and the community; however, David has given so much of himself that we are now asking the community to give back. We do not have the resources required, but we know that anything is possible when we all band together. We humbly ask for your help.

To donate to Pastor Kent's medical expenses at GoFundMe please click here or click the image below.
For updates on Pastor Kent's progress please visit Caring Bridge by clicking here or click the image below

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