My Testimony: Healing by Ron Hartley

January 11, 2019
It was in the Summer of 2014 that I noticed that a cut on my leg just was not healing. After many trips to the doctors office and urgent care, I was rushed to the Emergency Room just a few hours after a medical exam. I had an extremely high fever, dehydration from the cut draining and a very severe infection that was initially thought to be MRSA. The next day, I looked out of my room and asked why I was in the Intensive Care Unit, I was told not to worry, it was just a room that was open. When I asked the medical staff why my blood pressure was to slow 60/30, they told me not to worry that it happens. After a week and visits from many different doctors, I was informed that I had three different infections in my leg, two of which may have been from cutting my leg on a rusty truck and the third was lake born from a July 4th boat trip. I was finally home and put on bed rest for several weeks. When I reviewed the discharge papers, it stated that I was recovering from the aforementioned issues and RENAL FAILURE. My kidneys had shut down which can cause death. Several months later, I visited Urgent Care for a sinus infection. The nurse was the same one that helped me at the hospital. She was so happy to see me and told me that when they admitted me, they did not expect me to live. What she did not know: when I was in the hospital, people were praying for me and God is a Healer! Ron Hartley Christian Life Center Read More

My Testimony: What Jesus Can Do by Tim Wynne

October 4, 2018

It started the morning of June 20. I had a hard time getting out of bed and trying to get to the bathroom. I had weakness on my left side and I was very confused. I had dizziness and difficulty speaking.

I made it to the kitchen to get a glass of water. When I picked up the glass of water, it fell out of my left hand. My wife and daughter took me to the E.R. at the hospital.

At the hospital, my wife texted Pastor David Kent of Christian Life Center. He texted her back and said he would be praying and get the church to pray also. He said he would come to hospital as fast as he could.

At that moment, I felt at peace knowing all these prayers were going up to Jesus for me.

The doctors and nurses at hospital ran some tests. They had me try to touch my nose which I could not do, lift my left arm and hold it up, which I could not do. They asked me how old I was and when was my birthday. I could not give them the right answers. They told me that I was having a stroke. It was an ischemic stroke; this occurs when blood flow to a part of your brain is blocked, usually caused by a blood clot. They moved me to the Stroke ICU.

Pastor made it to the hospital and prayed for me in Jesus name. After he was done, I felt something lifting and he could see a change in me. Jesus had just healed me.

The doctors ordered an MRI for my brain. They did many different Radiology tests.

The next day the doctor came in to my room and said that he saw where I had the blood clot, but somehow it dissolved all by itself and I showed no signs of having a stroke. The doctor told me that I was a lucky man. People don’t leave the hospital the same after a stroke. I told him that I was blessed and it was the power of prayer.

I thank Jesus for the healing he did for me. For a wife, a pastor and a great church that knows how to pray in the name of our great God, Jesus.

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My Story by Todd Rekowski

October 16, 2017

Hi, my name is Todd Rekowski and this is my story.

I was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, one of 2 kids in a Catholic family. I grew up learning about God and about how to do good works in order to please Him. I read my Bible and prayed and went to church regularly. But I gradually drifted away from my Christian practices, not knowing how to connect with God on a deeper, more personal level.

Eventually, I moved to Appleton, WI, as part of a job transfer. While I was living there, I met 2 people who were attending a United Pentecostal Church. One of them was a born-again Christian. We did a lot of fun activities together. I began to attend their church and was impressed with the worship and how everyone seemed to really get involved in the service. I began a Bible study with them at his apartment. However, I couldn’t identify with their Christian faith and understand what motivated them to commit themselves to a life serving Jesus. I decided that I would only attend a couple more services and then stop. At the end of the next service, one of my friends went to the front of the church and began to pray. Other people began to pray with him. The excitement level began to rise and people began to cheer. I went up to see what was happening and noticed the look of joy upon his face. He had received the Holy Ghost! I went home that night thinking about what had happened.

The next day, I was reading a Christian book and was given the idea to read Psalm 119:9. I broke down and repented of my sins, but felt “empty”. I realized that I needed to receive the Holy Ghost, too. I went to my next Bible study and at the end they asked me if I wanted to pray. I said, “Yes”, and began to pray out loud because the evidence of receiving the Holy Ghost is that you speak supernaturally in an unknown tongue (Acts of the Apostles, chapters 2, 10, 19). It only took a couple of minutes and I began to speak in tongues! I was baptized the following day in the name of Jesus for the remission of my sins.

I learned that Jesus loves me and cares for me. He has helped me through some very trying situations in life. He gives me hope and strength and peace when times are tough. I look back and see where He has directed my life, guiding me through different situations, leading me to His salvation plan (Acts 2:37 – 39). I now know what it means to worship “in the Spirit”, to feel Jesus’ presence whenever I want to, to be born-again. If you are looking for a deeper relationship with God, here is your opportunity. He has brought you to a point where you can make a decision about your eternal future. Will you accept His invitation for salvation?

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Miracle Healing By: Ron Hartley

August 16, 2014

In 1998, my then three year old son was with us visiting a small town church in different state. My wife was helping to set up for the post service dinner with some of the ladies from that church. While several small children were playing nearby, my three year old son tripped over an electrical cord and a large 60 cup coffee maker tipped over and burned him from the shoulders down.

By the time I found out and arrived to that kitchen area, the skin was melting off his body. 911 was called and we applied emergency first aid. Soon firefighters arrived and took him to the hospital.

At the local small town hospital, the doctors provided what limited medical attention that they could. He was stabilized and prepped for transport to a larger hospital with a burn unit. The only discussion was whether to Air Lift him or use the Ambulance from the Fire Station. They decided to send him by Ambulance with several EMTS and an Emergency Room R.N. That R.N. turned out to be an old high school friend of my wife.

Upon arrival to the larger hospital he was placed into the Intensive Care Burn Unit. This was mid afternoon on a Saturday. The doctors told us that he was burned on more than 40% of his body and to expect him to go through perhaps multiple Skin Grafts.

My God had other plans.

While we were at the hospital, the church we were visiting stopped service and had a good old fashioned time of prayer. While they were praying, a retired pastor happened to walk through the Emergency Room. He stopped and prayed for our son. Phone calls were made and people around the country begin to intercede in prayer on his behalf.

With in 24 hours, the doctors and staff of the burn unit informed us that they were removing him from intensive care. That three year old was too active and using the bed for a trampoline. Not normal for a burn patient and in fact, they were reconsidering the need for skin grafts.

Before the next 24 hours expired, they sent him home from the hospital. Why? His wounds were healing so fast, they could not explain it.

Have you ever seen a fireman cry?

Thirty days later, we took him to visit the EMTS and Paramedics that took care of him on that day. They cried as they looked at that child – he was 100% completely healed. They asked how it could be, they had seen and treated that melting skin. Our answer to them that day was simple. Jesus is still in the healing business.

Today that boy helps with the church audio visual department as he is preparing to become a paramedic / fire fighter.

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