My Testimony: Healing by Ron Hartley

It was in the Summer of 2014 that I noticed that a cut on my leg just was not healing. After many trips to the doctors office and urgent care, I was rushed to the Emergency Room just a few hours after a medical exam. I had an extremely high fever, dehydration from the cut draining and a very severe infection that was initially thought to be MRSA.

The next day, I looked out of my room and asked why I was in the Intensive Care Unit, I was told not to worry, it was just a room that was open.

When I asked the medical staff why my blood pressure was to slow 60/30, they told me not to worry that it happens.

After a week and visits from many different doctors, I was informed that I had three different infections in my leg, two of which may have been from cutting my leg on a rusty truck and the third was lake born from a July 4th boat trip. I was finally home and put on bed rest for several weeks.

When I reviewed the discharge papers, it stated that I was recovering from the aforementioned issues and RENAL FAILURE. My kidneys had shut down which can cause death.

Several months later, I visited Urgent Care for a sinus infection. The nurse was the same one that helped me at the hospital. She was so happy to see me and told me that when they admitted me, they did not expect me to live.

What she did not know: when I was in the hospital, people were praying for me and God is a Healer!

Ron Hartley
Christian Life Center