Miracle Healing By: Ron Hartley

In 1998, my then three year old son was with us visiting a small town church in different state. My wife was helping to set up for the post service dinner with some of the ladies from that church. While several small children were playing nearby, my three year old son tripped over an electrical cord and a large 60 cup coffee maker tipped over and burned him from the shoulders down.

By the time I found out and arrived to that kitchen area, the skin was melting off his body. 911 was called and we applied emergency first aid. Soon firefighters arrived and took him to the hospital.

At the local small town hospital, the doctors provided what limited medical attention that they could. He was stabilized and prepped for transport to a larger hospital with a burn unit. The only discussion was whether to Air Lift him or use the Ambulance from the Fire Station. They decided to send him by Ambulance with several EMTS and an Emergency Room R.N. That R.N. turned out to be an old high school friend of my wife.

Upon arrival to the larger hospital he was placed into the Intensive Care Burn Unit. This was mid afternoon on a Saturday. The doctors told us that he was burned on more than 40% of his body and to expect him to go through perhaps multiple Skin Grafts.

My God had other plans.

While we were at the hospital, the church we were visiting stopped service and had a good old fashioned time of prayer. While they were praying, a retired pastor happened to walk through the Emergency Room. He stopped and prayed for our son. Phone calls were made and people around the country begin to intercede in prayer on his behalf.

With in 24 hours, the doctors and staff of the burn unit informed us that they were removing him from intensive care. That three year old was too active and using the bed for a trampoline. Not normal for a burn patient and in fact, they were reconsidering the need for skin grafts.

Before the next 24 hours expired, they sent him home from the hospital. Why? His wounds were healing so fast, they could not explain it.

Have you ever seen a fireman cry?

Thirty days later, we took him to visit the EMTS and Paramedics that took care of him on that day. They cried as they looked at that child – he was 100% completely healed. They asked how it could be, they had seen and treated that melting skin. Our answer to them that day was simple. Jesus is still in the healing business.

Today that boy helps with the church audio visual department as he is preparing to become a paramedic / fire fighter.