July 2014

worshipMany good things continue to happen at Christian Life Center in 2014. Each week new people come through the doors of our church desiring more of God’s Word for their lives. It is exciting!

Two weeks ago I baptized a young Russian man in Jesus Name. He had contacted me from our web page with a desire to be baptized like he had been reading about in the Bible. I told him, “We baptize just like the Bible says, in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins.” He brought seventeen family members to witness his baptism by full immersion in water! He came back this week and said, “I feel great!”

I received this text after our Sunday Worship service yesterday, “Really blessed in church today. I am amazed every time I go.”

God continues to bless our church with people from all over the world! Our Spanish church continues to grow under the leadership of Brother Cornelio. He reported another new family visited our services last evening. I appreciate his hard work and outreach to minister to the many Hispanic families in this Minneapolis area. We are also experiencing growth within our African community. I personally, picked up a new Liberian family yesterday and brought them to church. This family had experienced Salvation in our headquarters church in Monrovia, West Africa. They had only been in America two months so I am glad they are finding a place of “like precious faith.”

Thank God for the many wonderful things He has in store to those who love Him!

Pastor David Kent