Livestream CLC

We have entered into a new day because of the Covid-19 epidemic that has attacked our world. It has caused us to do church in a totally different way. Livestream!

Each Sunday since March 15 we have had church via the internet. It has been both good and bad. It has been bad because we cannot come together as a body of believers. I cannot shake your hand, hug your neck or even hear your voice. It has caused our church to experience a financial hardship because when people are not able to come to church, the offering plate is not passed and people forget that we still have mortgages, utilities, etc. to pay. Yet, this crisis has also helped us to get the gospel out to the masses via YouTube and Facebook live.

Each week we are influencing 1000’s of new people who have tuned into our church online. We know that God is not bound by a building and His Word does not come back void. God is going to have a church!

Jesus said, “Upon this rock I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it” God is  still in control. God is still building his church. And God is still opening doors that we cannot see. There will be a day that we will be able to come back together. We will be able to feel the presence of God as we lift our hands to the Lord in the Sanctuary. But for now, as you enjoy the services in the comfort of your home. Join in and praise Him in your house. Clap unto the Lord in your house.

Shout unto the Lord with the voice of triumph in your house! And keep tuning into online!

Just a reminder…

Spring is right around the corner here in Minnesota.  We will need help again this year in mowing the grass and general clean-up at our Golden Valley church and the Brooklyn Park campus. If you can help in any way, please speak to either Gary Bates or myself.

We are also looking for help in the following areas:

Keyboard Musician – if you or someone you know plays piano or keyboard, please contact us.

Building Maintenance –The church is in need of someone to oversee the general work of both of our campuses. Both of these ministries are presently on a volunteer basis.