My Testimony: What Jesus Can Do by Tim Wynne

It started the morning of June 20. I had a hard time getting out of bed and trying to get to the bathroom. I had weakness on my left side and I was very confused. I had dizziness and difficulty speaking.

I made it to the kitchen to get a glass of water. When I picked up the glass of water, it fell out of my left hand. My wife and daughter took me to the E.R. at the hospital.

At the hospital, my wife texted Pastor David Kent of Christian Life Center. He texted her back and said he would be praying and get the church to pray also. He said he would come to hospital as fast as he could.

At that moment, I felt at peace knowing all these prayers were going up to Jesus for me.

The doctors and nurses at hospital ran some tests. They had me try to touch my nose which I could not do, lift my left arm and hold it up, which I could not do. They asked me how old I was and when was my birthday. I could not give them the right answers. They told me that I was having a stroke. It was an ischemic stroke; this occurs when blood flow to a part of your brain is blocked, usually caused by a blood clot. They moved me to the Stroke ICU.

Pastor made it to the hospital and prayed for me in Jesus name. After he was done, I felt something lifting and he could see a change in me. Jesus had just healed me.

The doctors ordered an MRI for my brain. They did many different Radiology tests.

The next day the doctor came in to my room and said that he saw where I had the blood clot, but somehow it dissolved all by itself and I showed no signs of having a stroke. The doctor told me that I was a lucky man. People don’t leave the hospital the same after a stroke. I told him that I was blessed and it was the power of prayer.

I thank Jesus for the healing he did for me. For a wife, a pastor and a great church that knows how to pray in the name of our great God, Jesus.